About Us

We're a tight-knit community of people who are motivated to create unique premium face masks that provide our treasured customers printed persuasive messages and stunning designs. We want to bring fresh things out in the universe of face masks. FrillMask is a France based company and our masks are really plain, cheap, and made up of cotton/poly blend fabric.
We provide you best quality face masks that are not only reusable but also washable and custom designed with love and passion. With the recent developments on the environment pollution, FrillMask Technologies believes it has the methodology to innovate a face mask technology that can target and capture the environment pollution and particles ensuring people can protect themselves effectively from hazardous environment.
FrillMask has gathered a very reputable team of experts and professionals to innovate a face mask technology that is able to do what no other face mask on the market can do right now, and that is to protect people from the commonly known environmental disease particles such as the flu.
It is safe to say that wearing a face mask is better than not wearing a face mask, but our masks are not effective in protecting you from contracting the virus.
Here comes FrillMask to serve you with best quality facemasks. Our process technology is a very unique proprietary technology that has the potential to solve the inherent problems that exist with current face mask technology, and the way that they are manufactured
Regardless of the solution or product, our facemasks guarantees you Best solution, tailored development, custom design, custom color and logo prints for you. Have a peace of mind because we use first-grade fiber from reliable and certified sources.
Got queries? Contact us anytime. Our team is always here to serve you.